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There is a place in Veronese where the past and the future face each other in silence: it is the Ceraino Closed, the great gorge that the Adige travels before finally leaving behind the mountains and throwing themselves into the plain. On the hydrographic right of the river we find the historic crag of Ceraino, famous for its plaques and the quality of limestone, while the hydrographic left (eastern bank) wanders in an atmosphere of mystery, as if there was no. At the first approach it looks decidedly looming, its rock fades from yellow to brown until it reaches gray on the final bands. The eye is lost following cracks, dihedrals, plaques and beautiful rods for all its 100m t high.

For many, the most beautiful rock in Verona. Idyllic painting suspended above the Adige. Many 4-pitch routes

Historic wall for the climbing of Verona and its beautiful rock, has recently undergone a makeover
Northeast exposure, in case of rain you can climb. The wall is on the far right of the historic ceraino wall.

The Ways
1. With Permit 6b (1985, 2017)
2. Doctor Inox 7a/b (new 2017)
3. Careful Piccetto 6b( 1989,2017)
4. Cala Trinchetto 6th (1987, 2017)
5. Winemaker, Sommelier and Pissaiolo 7b (new 2017)
6. Who’s going to spin me L1 6b, L2 7a/b (1986, 2017)
7. Waiting for rain L1 6b, L2 7a (1989, 2017)
8. 4×4 6b (1987, 2017)

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